Matt has been in the industry from the start of the CBD boom. He has had experience in every process in making CBD products including farming, extraction, product formulations, and manufacturing. Matt ran a CBD lab in Boulder Colorado where he led a team that created hundreds of CBD products for brands that sell across the globe. Through Matt's experience in creating products he began to notice that a lot of people were not seeing many results with just CBD products which began a quest to solve this problem. He discovered that CBD alone will not produce the results that people are looking for and that you must utilize the other cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant to get the best results.

Matt learned a few simple daily practices people can implement when taking their Hemp Products that result in exponentially better results for people. Matt teaches these practices in a course called "Alchemize Your Life" that all customers receive with a product purchase. Both of these discoveries inspired him to create the AlcHempist brand, which combines the full power of the Hemp plant with the "Alchemize Your Life" practices to create magic and Alchemy in people's lives. 

Austin Terry-   Business Development  

Austin Terry began his mission of helping to heal and serve the planet with a path toward becoming a firefighter/paramedic. As he was bringing this journey to fruition, he realized that this wasn’t the vision he had for his future and knew that there were other ways for him to fulfill this purpose, and to do it on a much grander scale. After a lot of time spent going inward and asking life’s greatest questions of himself, The AlcHempist revealed itself to him. One might even say its manifestation was akin to his true ‘Personal Legend’.

“Everything about this company: its steadfast mission to truly help people change their lives, the genuine integrity in the creation of its products, and the driving force of love behind every facet of its foundation - is what drew this company to my life and I can’t wait to watch the future unfold in profoundly magical and unexplainable ways.”

To Austin, this company goes far beyond the physical. It truly embodies his core values and ascertains the very essence of conscious capitalism. There is nothing more important to him than creating a powerful community of people who support and inspire each other to become the highest version of themselves, through embracing the healing powers of love, gratitude, intention, and connection. All things can be achieved when minds and hearts come together with a common goal of creating a better future for self and others.

MATT FORD-   Chief Marketing Officer 

As a lifelong entrepreneur and dedicated student of personal growth, the depth of Matt’s experience in business is matched only by the visceral authenticity of his passion for changing people’s lives. With this powerful combination in mind, it only makes sense that Matt ended up on the AlcHempist team. As he puts it, “AlcHempist is about much more than CBD -- it’s about helping people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives -- and that’s what drew me into the project; I get to use my expertise in a way that has powerful, measurable impacts in the lives of others.”

Matt Ford’s journey that lead him to meeting AlcHempist Founder, Matt Chandler, is as magical and serendipitous as the effects of the products they’re bringing into the world through AlcHempist. A story so profound, so seemingly “impossible”, that Matt believes it an undeniable fact that they were brought together to make a lasting, positive impact on the world and the incredible people who inhabit it.

After spending 10+ years in the digital marketing world, founding multiple 7-figure businesses, and withstanding innumerable challenges along the way -- Matt is ready to ensure AlcHempist reaches everyone around the world who is interested in living their lives to the fullest potential.


Nick is an industry veteran, Hemp expert, and strong believer in the healing potential of the Hemp plant.

He has experience working with this amazing plant in various ways including:

-USDA Certified Organic hemp farming
-USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extraction
-USDA Certified Organic consumer product creation.

Nick goes WAY BEYOND the basic USDA-certified Organic standards and uses regenerative agriculture practices to grow and create the most effective healing products in the marketplace.




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At the AlcHempist our minimum farming standards are typically better than people's best farming standards. We begin with minimum USDA-certified organic standards and go "Beyond Organic" from here. Our farm utilizes the soil food web, cover crops, nature, and water to create a superior product to traditionally farmed hemp. Cover crops and wild pollinators are used to fix nitrogen and pull in natural predator insects as well as birds and other wildlife. This visible food web, coupled with the invisible to the naked eye soil food web, under the ground, provides everything the hemp plants need to grow and flourish to their full healing potential. With the lack of chemical fertilizers, comes increased flavor, more robust terpene profiles, and higher minor cannabinoid profiles. These all directly impact the efficacy of the end consumer product and the results the customer gets. Additionally, with the lack of chemical fertilizers, plants are able to develop their own systemic acquired response, which basically means they can develop their own ability to deal with pests, and therefore pesticides are no longer needed. This type of attention to detail on our small farm, guarantees higher quality, result-driven, craft products. Most other certified organic farms are not utilizing natural elements, still use organic fertilizers, and do not rotate their crops resulting in less nutrient-dense healing plants and consumer products.